You can contact Florijk for the design, construction and maintenance of your garden.


Would you like to have a unique garden designed that fully matches your taste? Florijk designs gardens in all styles and sizes. From city garden to office garden, from roof terrace to landscape garden and from rural to modern; our landscapers provide a surprising design that suits you perfectly. When we start working for you, we first discuss your wishes and requirements in detail. This creates a design that both you and the landscaper fully support.

Four steps
The design phase is essential for creating a unique and personal garden. This phase consists of four steps.

  1. Orientation interview
    During a no-obligation introductory meeting, our designer maps out your requirements and wishes. He also makes an inventory of your garden and measures it, so that he gets a clear picture of the possibilities. You will receive a price indication based on this information.
  2. First sketches
    The designer makes three sketches. To show you what atmosphere he wants to achieve with the designs, the designer also shows you images of existing gardens. Naturally, there is then sufficient room to respond to this.
  3. Follow-up sketches
    Based on your response to the first sketches, the designer will develop two proposals. He then presents you with two follow-up sketches. From this you can choose the design that most appeals to you.
  4. Final plan
    The landscaper presents you a total plan that has been worked out in detail. This plan includes a 2D and 3D design, a materials and lighting plan, a planting plan and detailed drawings of the final garden design. You will also receive the quotation for the export of the design.

You will receive a price indication during the no-obligation introductory meeting. When the final plan has been worked out, you will receive a quotation for the output of the garden design. We work with a full guarantee of a good result. You will only be charged when you are completely satisfied with our design.

Collaboration with garden designers and landscape architects
Have you had a garden design made by an external garden designer or architect? You can engage Florijk to carry out this design. We have a lot of experience in translating designs into personal gardens, naturally taking into account both your ideas and those of the garden designer.

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